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Sherlock : Cheers!!! John!
John : *what’s this…?*

Aug 15 2014


Lestrade’s phone passcode is totally “Greg” because the only person to try to hack his phone would be Sherlock and it’s the one thing he doesn’t know.

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He doesn’t feel things that way … I don’t think

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Jul 30 2014

Sherlock - ‘Breathing is Boring’


Sherlock - ‘Breathing is Boring’

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I am 2 years late but I finally watched BBC Sherlock!!

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Jul 24 2014

Benedict Cumberbatch at the press line for Dreamworks’ Penguins of Madagascar at the San Diego Comic Con 2014 (x)

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Voting for The Holmsies is NOW OPEN!


Hi all!

After months of reading through the THOUSANDS of amazing fics that were submitted to the Holmsies, we’re happy to finally let you know that we’re ready to announce nominations and accept votes.

Nominations were decided by the mods of fuckyeahteenlock and sherlockbbcficrecs. The maximum number of nominations per category is five, but some categories have fewer fics - these categories had fewer submissions than others, and we didn’t feel it would be fair to always include five for every category (e.g., if there were only seven submitted total).

As a reminder from when we started the Holmsies, all the fics on the list should have less than 25,000 hits on AO3 and less than 250 reviews/comments on any other forum - we did calculate hits as of when we received the submissions a few months ago, so there are a small number of fics that have crossed that limit since. They’re still included in the nominations.

You’re always welcome to give us feedback in the notes based on your experience engaging with this contest this year, and we’ll do our best to incorporate the most-often-stated comments when we do this the next time around.

You can access the Google form that we will be using to collect votes HERE. Only one submission per person, please - if you’d like to edit your votes after you’ve finished, you must save the link provided once you hit “submit.” We CANNOT find this for you later!

The remainder of this post consists of links to all the nominated fics. Please reblog and share this post so that we can get the largest potential sample of the Sherlock fandom to vote. 

We will be closing voting on September 1st, 2014, giving you about a month and a half to vote. 
Thanks so much, and for now, happy happy HAPPY reading!


Categories based on LENGTH OF FIC

Best longfic/slow burn

Best shortfic

Categories based on GENRE

Best original AU

Best fusion

Best magical realism

Best smut/PWP

Best fluff

Best angst

Best crack

Best humor

Best crossover

Best missing scene

Best epistolary or texting!fic

Categories based on TROPE

Best teenlock

Best university AU

Best parentlock

Best kidfic

Best rarepair

Best genderswap

Best omegaverse

Categories based on PLOT OR WRITING STYLE

Best characterization

Best original character

Best interpretation of classic ACD story

Best original plot or casefic

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Sherlock Fic Recs: John Leaves/Gets Married/Break Up Fics


Title: Take it With You When You Go
Summary: When John leaves, Sherlock forgets which language he’s supposed to speak.

Title: Dissolution
Summary: In finding Sherlock another assistant, John gets more than he bargained for.

Title: My Best Friend’s Wedding
Summary: John’s getting married and Sherlock suddenly finds an excuse to leave town. What is he hiding?

Title: Letters
Summary: John leaves letters on Sherlock’s grave every week, Sherlock reads every one of them.

Title: When Your Love Has Gone
Summary: "Sherlock, I’m leaving."

Title: 5 Ways it Ended and the 1 Way it Didn’t
Summary: Five ways Sherlock and John’s relationship ended and one way it didn’t. (mentions of John/Mycroft)

Title: Something Borrowed
Summary: The first time Sherlock and John have sex is when they’re getting dressed for John’s wedding. (NC-17)

Title: Burn Down
Summary: When love isn’t enough.
Sequel: Reignite

Title: Walk Through Ghosts
Summary: The thing is: Sherlock thought that the two of them would have forever to figure it out.

Title: Stay With Me
Summary: He’d hoped for at least some token admission of Sherlock’s regret, some indication that he would miss having John around. An acknowledgement that having John around is better than not having him around. That he and John are more than flatmates, that they’re friends.

Title: Dear John
Summary: Sherlock writes John a letter, and tries to work some things out.

Title: And I’m five years ago and three thousand miles away
Summary: “You know, I spent a year mourning you,” John says and finally looks up at Sherlock.

Title: Baby Please Don’t Go
Summary: John is leaving, and Sherlock needs to figure out why.

Title: If I Fell
Summary: John announces that he’s marrying Sarah on Christmas Day. Will Sherlock realize his feelings and somehow win John’s love before it’s too late?

Title: A Very Delicate Mission
Summary: "As I’m sure you, of all people, must know, I haven’t spoken to Sherlock in eight months."

Title: Until His Wine Becomes Your Water
Summary: Sherlock makes sure to get back hours after John has already left. He walks into the flat and heads directly to the kitchen, checks on the samples, puts the kettle on. Like a somnambulist, he has no awareness of his surroundings or of himself.

Title: Four Times It Didn’t Need To Be Said and One Time It Did
Summary: John was his first. John is still his. Maybe that’s the problem?

Title: It Could Have Been Avoided (Untitled Fill)
Summary: He knew it would happen eventually, he just didn’t realize it would hurt so much.

Title: When Love Isn’t Enough
Summary: The day Sherlock realized something needed to change wasn’t a particularly interesting day.

Title: Immovable Object
Summary: John doesn’t know what he’ll say. Doesn’t know how he’ll end it. He just knows that he will.

Title: Something Borrowed
Summary: “People like stories, don’t they? Perhaps I’m a better story dead.”

Title: The Sea Is A Chasm
Summary: When Sherlock decides to retire to Sussex, John decides to find out who he is without Sherlock.

Title: Finish Lines
Summary: “Here.” John handed him the object. It was a small box. Sherlock swallowed, masking his sudden uncertainty. He truly had not expected that.

Title: The Desperate Kingdom of Love
Summary: Mary’s thoughts on her marriage with John.

Title: Such a Shame
Summary: Mary Morstan reflects on her marriage and how it ended.

Title: Speak No Feeling
Summary: You didn’t say anything. You never did.

Title: Parallel
Summary: While John and Sherlock were apart (apart for years, this time, years and years and years even with both in London, apart but for the occasional visits, ever less personal) they were not so different. Sherlock still solved crimes. He pretended to shoot holes in the wall. It was better this way.

Title: Let Go
Summary: In the end, separating John’s things from Sherlock’s in the chaos of their sitting room is like pulling a limpet from a wet rock. Especially when the rock is clinging on for dear life, because Sherlock doesn’t want to let go.

Title: A Secret Place
Summary: While taking care of a concussed Sherlock, John makes some deductions of his own and discovers things he’d rather not know.

Title: The Sign of an Odd Number
Summary: John is getting married. And three… Well, three is an odd number.

Title: Misunderstanding
Summary: Sherlock thinks it’s for good. John thinks it’s until he finds another girlfriend.

Title: The Wreck Is Not a Boat
Summary: He’s done it before. Living alone. You always wondered how he did it, how he lived without you. Truth being that he didn’t; he simply survived.

Title: Attached
Summary: The wall was hard and cold. Sherlock’s back slammed into it with a force that pulled the moan out of him like a splinter. His back arched and wet lips found the familiar place where jaw meets neck, teeth scraping and tongue soothing. Hands were firm against him.

Title: I Am No Good At Love
The flat feels cold after John leaves for the third and, Sherlock suspects, final time.

Title: Lidded Blue Flames
John fucks him in a loo at New Scotland Yard.

Title: What He Deserves
“Still alone, though. Us Watsons. Always alone. Think we deserve it.”

Title: So We Go Round the Sun
If John is the sun, and Mary the moon, then Sherlock is a dark cloud hanging over them both.

Title: Ease Your Way into Occupied Spaces
One thing’s certain: this wasn’t the way it was supposed to happen.

Title: Gone
Summary: John and Mary’s wedding goes swimmingly, but a certain someone is missing.

Title: A Mother Knows
A missing scene from The Empty Hearse, taking place after the Bonfire scene. She cleans and bandages Sherlock’s burns and blisters, but there’s really nothing she can do about his broken heart, how much ever she wants to. A mother always knows, but some things require divine intervention. Mrs. Holmes is many things, but a deity she is not.

Title: I Would Have You
It’s the day after John’s stag night and he and Sherlock need to say a few things to each other.

Title: Stag Do
Sherlock and John are both drunk. What happens after Mrs Hudson ushers them back up into the flat?

Title: If A Sentimental Man
Summary: A hat. A syringe. A violin. Where was John’s handgun?

Sherlock can’t think without his army doctor by his side.

Title: Safe Harbour
Summary: In Greg’s opinion, the wedding was better than expected. Or so he thinks until he goes back home.

Title: Master and Hound
Summary: It feels so obvious. It’s not in the wrinkles of his clothes or the colour of his teeth or even hiding in his nail beds, but it might as well be.

Title: The Person That You Click With
John wakes up next to Sherlock in the jail cell and makes a promise that he knows he will keep, no matter what.

Title: Unexpected Sentiment
Stamford stayed home and got drunk rather than go to John’s wedding.

Title: The Best, The Wisest
Sherlock ignores his pain in order to be a best friend. He hated letting John go, but he hates John being sad even more.

Title: First Draft
Summary: He sat down to write a speech and found that something else came to him instead

Title: Only The Wind
Summary: Sherlock leaves the wedding early.

Title: The Morning After
Summary: John realizes too late that Sherlock’s left his wedding too early.

Title: Picking up the Pieces
Summary: Without a glance back he shrugged into his coat and swiftly walked away into the dark.

Title: L’Esprit D’Escalier
Summary: A lack of understanding leads to a misunderstanding, which in turn leads to two confused men dealing with something they should have sorted out earlier, rather than on John’s wedding day.

Title: Two Worlds
Summary: John makes an unscheduled stop at 221B on the way back from his wedding to check on Sherlock.

Title: Human Error
Summary: Silly John. Did he ever know? Did he need everyone to spell it out for him?

Title: Orion and Dog
Summary: John comes in without having to knock because he still has the key.

Title: Distance
Summary: Because as much as he wants to, he can’t hate Mary for falling in love with John when he’s done the same.

Title: Loaded
Summary: “Don’t,” Sherlock breathes and closes his eyes; John is positively terrified that the moment is gone, broken, shattered and is equal parts relieved and devastated. But Sherlock’s eyes flick back open, a sheen of tears bright and unobscured. Oh, this is something indeed. “Things… change.”

Title: Crossing the Rubicon
Summary: John comes back to Baker Street.

Title: Persevere
Summary: You can try and try but sometimes it’s just not enough.

Title: it’s clear in the animal’s eyes
Summary: He wants to reach out and touch him. He wants to press his dry lips against John’s. He wants to tell him it’s fine. He knows now that it’s fine. He wants to scream, but Mary’s standing between them.

Title: What a Night
Summary: Sherlock leaves the reception and heads back to Baker Street alone. He may be a bit not good.

Title: Human Error
Summary: Sherlock goes on a brief shopping trip.

Title: Why did you kiss me?
Summary: While saying goodbye at the airport Sherlock kisses John. When he comes back John has questions.

Title: How to Lie
Summary: When John needs to return to Mary and pretend to feel love when he does not, he turns to his best friend for a lesson in lying.

Title: The Shadow of Doubt
Summary: He’d thought it could work. He really did. The problem is, it’s such a big lie to sustain.

Title: more alike than you think
Summary: Sherlock’s eyes were shadowed. “Because you chose her,” he said.

Title: That’s What Friends Are For
Summary: Both Lestrade and Sherlock feel out of place during John’s wedding reception. Alone and lonely, they run into each other as Sherlock tries to sneak away unnoticed.

Title: Nobody Gets Left Behind
Summary: The timing was terrible.

Title: the game is how you play (not who wears a ring)
Summary: Mycroft gazes at the car. “You know what I can’t quite comprehend?” he asks, mock-absently, and John’s face twitches with jokes he won’t make.

"Very little," he mumbles, instead, in a way that’s terribly reminiscent of Sherlock.

Title: Say Something
Summary: Because in my headcanon, Sherlock and John belong together and no incarnation of Mary Morstan can keep them apart. Not if Mycroft has something to say about it.

Title: Deductions of a Lesser Mind
Summary: John isn’t an idiot, but some things just take him longer to work out. He’s not Sherlock or Mycroft or Mary. Set beginning the day His Last Vow ends.

Title: In Hindsight
Summary: In hindsight, the cruellest thing he has ever done in his life is to make Sherlock feel the baby kick against the spherical expanse of Mary’s stomach.

Title: On the Losing Side
Summary: It starts on the anniversary of John’s wedding.

Title: the warmth and constancy of your love and your friendship (expires in seven years)
Summary: The average friendship lasts seven years. Sherlock intends to make the rest of his time with John count.

Title: Point of Weakness
Summary: "Funny word for ‘alone’, innit? ‘Free’."

Title: Beginning Again in the Middle, Sort of
Summary: After John’s marriage finally goes bottom’s up, leaving him back at what feels like square one, John realizes that he might be much closer to having what he’s always wanted than he actually thought.

Title: Unforgettable
Summary: Having returned from Serbia, Sherlock starts suffering from some kind of PTSD disorder, or so it seems. He can’t tell John, not now when John is safe and happy and married. Wouldn’t it be emotional blackmail, of a sort?

Title: Strawberries For Dinner
Summary: John goes to Baker St and finds Sherlock eating strawberries that he’s got as a gift from a client. The sight turns him on more than he ever thought possible, and well…

Title: No One Else
Summary: When Sherlock and John had finally, finally given in to whatever raging storm of feelings they were having for each other it had been crazy, mad and bound to go wrong.

Title: Apprehension
Summary: Sherlock inadvertently deduces that John’s been wanking to a photo of him. The realisation begins affecting Sherlock in ways he can’t quite understand, much less control.

Title: Symposium
Summary: "You’re going to regret this," Sherlock manages while John sucks on his neck, "Whatever you’re doing, I’m not going to stop you, and you’ll regret it." He doesn’t want to be that, some guilty secret John carries about. Sherlock might not have much in the way of qualms in general, but he does have some standards.

Title: hate to see your heart break
Summary: Maybe that was the fact that hurt Molly the most. Mary had broken Sherlock’s heart just after John Watson made sure that he even had one.

Title: The Infinite Curse of a Lonely Heart
Summary: Sherlock agrees to be the best man. John is his friend and that’s what you do for your friend.
Sherlock prepares and delivers the best man speech for his friend. John is his best friend and that’s what you do for your best friend.
Sherlock watches his best friend get married and smiles on. John is the person he loves and that’s what you do for the person you love.
Sherlock kills the man threatening the person he loves. John is his world and that’s what you do for you friend, your best friend, the person you love, the love of your life, your world.

Title: Just Keep Breathing
Summary: … in which Sherlock (unconsciously intentionally) overdoses on heroin.

Title: Trust (in us)
Summary: Mary is still talking, still giving the same excuse, over and over. And maybe he could have listened, if it were anyone else. If it weren’t Sherlock.

Title: The Green Carnations
Summary: When Janine met Sherlock at John & Mary’s wedding, she thought she knew what sort of a man Sherlock Holmes was. So it was a surprise when he called to ask her out for coffee not long after. Set during and after His Last Vow.

Title: Moving On/Making Do
Summary: Split between Mary’s POV (Moving on) and John’s POV (Making do), this is the story of a marriage falling apart. As Mary strives to move their marriage ahead from the events of His Last Vow, John tries to reconcile himself with his choice of having forgiven Mary, while also coming to terms with what his choice has meant for his friendship with Sherlock. Post-HLV.

Title: On the Other Side
Summary: “This is what you’ve wanted isn’t it?” John says mockingly, cuttingly, fists bunched on Sherlock’s collar, simultaneously holding him close and shoving him with sharp knuckles against the wall. “You should be happy now: she’s gone, and I’m all yours.”

Title: Road Not Taken
Summary: When Sherlock decides to give up detective work and move to the country to keep bees, John finally has to acknowledge everything he’s been trying not to see.

Title: The Art of Letting Go
Summary: Following the events of His Last Vow, Sherlock and John lose contact once more. However, the strain of Mary’s past is beginning to catch up with John.

Title: Satellite (10 minutes)
Summary: John has a question; Mary knows the answer.

Title: Uncontainable
Summary: Sherlock sighs. “When I… pushed you away. I was not operating with a… complete data set.”

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